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Can You Power Wash a Brick Home?

Brick is one of the most universal materials for residential homes in Springfield, IL and the surrounding areas. Not only is it long-lasting, but it also increases any property’s curb appeal when regularly maintained. If you notice that your brick home looks slightly discolored or includes spots covered in dirt and bacteria, a power washing service may be the perfect solution.

Petersburg Power Washing, Inc. specializes in the cleaning and restoration of brick homes with modern power washing technology and eco-friendly cleaning solutions in the central Illinois area. While brick is a durable exterior material, it is also porous, making it tricky to keep clean without the proper tools and techniques. To learn more about how you can power wash a brick home, give us a call at 217.415.9013 or keep reading below!

What To Avoid When Power Washing Brick Homes

While the point of using highly pressurized water is to remove algae and bacteria buildup easily, the last thing you want is to use too much pressure. Our commercial power washing equipment can reach high PSI levels for varying surfaces; when used incorrectly, you can damage brick and even concrete that costs thousands of dollars to restore. If your home already suffers from broken or distressed brick, be sure to mention this to your technicians at Petersburg Power Washing, Inc. to prevent further damage.

Our team avoids using cleaning materials that include harmful chemicals such as acids or ammonia and instead uses eco-friendly solutions to protect the surrounding plants and hard surfaces. Using improper cleaning chemicals can damage your brick and eat away the material over time. To learn more about our residential brick power washing processes, contact our experts in Springfield, IL.

Soft Washing Brick Homes

A before and after image of a power washed brick chimney attached to a residential home in Springfield, IL.

Soft washing is another common form of power washing that uses a combination of biodegradable chemical solutions, cleaning brushes, and low PSI levels to safely clean your brick without damaging the surface. Petersburg Power Washing, Inc. recommends soft washing services for older brick homes that cannot handle higher pressurized water. Giving your home a low-pressurized rinse still gives your brick surface stunning results guaranteed to last with regular maintenance. Our power washing company in Springfield, IL is fully insured to perform soft washing services on your brick home, guaranteeing high-quality and damage-free results.

Risks to Power Washing Brick

If you hire an inexperienced power washing company, several risks come from using high-pressurized water on your brick home. While brick may seem like a sturdy and tough material, it is porous, meaning that water can fill in any tiny holes present, weakening the material and damaging your home. Modern power washing technology is extremely powerful, enough so that it can crack concrete and brick surfaces if used incorrectly. Petersburg Power Washing, Inc. is known for offering insured and licensed power washing services by experienced professionals to give our customers peace of mind with every visit.

Be sure that when hiring a power washing company, you read the reviews on search engines or social media to be sure that your brick home will be taken care of. Our services are personalized to your home to prevent water intrusion, loose bricks, and other damage.

How to Kill Algae on Brick

A close image of a residential brick home where half are covered in dirt and algae and the other half has been power washed professionally in Springfield, IL.

Petersburg Power Washing, Inc. uses a combination of eco-friendly chemical treatments, cleaning tools, and modern power washing technology to remove algae from brick surfaces safely. When your brick home or business is stained from black grime, using store-bought chemicals and unlicensed pressure washing companies can not only damage your home, but it won’t remove or prevent bacteria from growing shortly after cleaning.

Our technicians have years of experience in power washing and algae removal to restore the surface of your brick with biodegradable solutions that protect your surface from natural elements. Contact our staff in Springfield, IL to schedule a brick power washing service and to learn more about our step-by-step processes.

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