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A before and after image of a wooden deck being power washed by a professional power washing company in Springfield, IL.

The Benefits of Power Washing Your Deck

Owning a deck is something many homeowners look for in a forever home. It’s the ideal space to entertain in the warmer months and offers space to set up your grill, patio furniture, and other outdoor belongings. If you can’t remember the last time you’ve power washed your deck, Petersburg Power Washing, Inc. is the leading choice for homeowners in Springfield, IL for seasonal power washing services. With years of experience and training in the industry, we have tools and techniques to clean your wooden deck and stairs to remove grime and enhance the longevity of your favorite outdoor space. Our blog explores the benefits of power washing your deck when you choose our Central IL team.

Clears Grime You Can’t Get With a Mop

Your deck is constantly exposed to the elements, making it the perfect place for mold, mildew, and dirt to build up throughout the year. It may not seem like your deck is in any harm, but slowly the wood will begin to stain, rot, and even become unsafe to use if not taken care of properly. One of the main benefits of a professional power washing service is the high-pressured water that can remove grime you can’t get with a standard mop. Although you might frequently sweep debris from the surface of your deck, small particles of dust and dirt can get caught in the grains, making it impossible to clean without commercial power washing equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products. At Petersburg Power Washing, Inc., our team uses the best equipment on the market to effortlessly remove years of built-up grime from your wooden deck.

Prolongs the Life of Your Wood

A before and after picture of wooden stairs connected to a deck being power washed in Springfield, IL. Dirt and grime being removed from wooden stairs.

When you invest in professional power washing services, you’re actively prolonging the life of your wood. As your deck experiences years of exposure to weather changes, animals, falling leaves, and dirt, debris can form on top of your wood. If left unattended for several months or even a few years can significantly impact the health and longevity of your deck’s structure. One way to ensure that your wooden deck isn’t subject to rot is by scheduling yearly power washing services from Petersburg Power Washing, Inc.

We offer high-quality deck power washing for residential homes in Springfield, IL and the surrounding areas. Our team will examine your deck to make sure deterioration hasn’t affected the safety of your deck before using commercial power washing equipment. All our products are eco-friendly and meant to treat your wooden surfaces while prolonging their lifespan. Give us a call at 217.415.9013 to schedule your deck power washing service and receive a free estimate.

Helps Prepare Your Deck for Paint or Stain

Power washing is good for cleaning your deck’s surface and a great way to prep the wooden surface for paint or stain. Homeowners investing in real wooden planks often have them installed before choosing the appropriate stain or paint to match their home. To ensure your deck is free of dirt or debris, have your wood surface professionally power washed and left to dry before applying a finishing coat. Power washing allows any coloring product to soak into the wood and ensures the longevity of your surface when completed properly. Petersburg Power Washing, Inc. is a leading Springfield, IL, company specializing in prepping your wooden decks before paint or staining.

It Stops Mold & Mildew Growth

A dirty wooden deck is being power washed by a professional power washing company in Springfield, IL.

One of the most common issues that arise for homes with wooden decks is the build-up of mold or mildew. Living in Springfield, IL, means dealing with harsh weather conditions year-round. One day your deck may be subject to high temperatures and UV rays, while the other includes several inches of rain or snow. When left untreated, your deck can become susceptible to fungal growth like mold and mildew, especially when moisture is present. At Petersburg Power Washing, Inc., our team stops mold and mildew growth with our power washing services. Using eco-friendly products and the correct pressurized equipment, we can remove any presence of fungi to protect your deck from rot. Contact us today to schedule a professional power washing service to rid your deck of harmful growth.

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