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A before and after image of algae, dirt, and mold being cleaned off of a home’s vinyl siding in Springfield, IL using power washing equipment.

What Are Those Stains on My Siding?

Many homes in Springfield, IL and throughout the Midwest are decorated with vinyl siding. It is one of the most versatile exteriors you can have covering your home and is guaranteed to last with proper maintenance. At Petersburg Power Washing, Inc., we have seen it all regarding dirty home exteriors. Our crew has served the Springfield, IL area for over 14 years, removing stains and discoloration from all types of siding on residential homes. Keep reading to discover what is causing those stains on your siding and how our power washers can help.


For homes with white or cream-colored siding, algae is easy to spot, as its green color highlights the stain and discoloration on the vinyl. Fortunately, algae is a common form of bacteria growth found on vinyl siding in Springfield, IL, and can be easily treated by our experts at Petersburg Power Washing, Inc.. Algae grow in shaded areas that do not have access to direct sunlight. North-facing slopes are typically where you will find algae growth. Humidity and water are what algae require to survive. If you notice green stains on your vinyl siding, give us a call, and we’ll provide safe and long-lasting power washing solutions to restore your home’s exterior surface.

Mold & Mildew

A before and after image of algae and mildew being power washed from a home’s vinyl siding in Springfield, IL.

Living in Springfield, IL, your home is guaranteed to experience a range of temperatures and weather conditions. During the summer, humidity causes moisture and dirt particles to build on your vinyl siding. If areas of your home are not facing the sun or are more susceptible to lasting moisture, these conditions are perfect for mold and mildew to grow. The key differences in identifying the two fungi are their texture and color. Mildew is often powdery or fluffy looking and usually grows in gray, white, or yellow shades. While mold looks slimy and can be colored anything from dark green to bright red and black, depending on how long it is left to grow. At Petersburg Power Washing, Inc., we take the health of your home and family seriously. So when you spot mold or mildew growing on your siding, give us a call right away for a deep power washing service.


Dirt is one of the first things homeowners see when they take a good look at their home’s siding. These dark brown or black smudges are common throughout the seasons and can coat your siding when rain and wind are present. Mud can easily be thrown through the air and end up on the side of your home, sticking to the surface until scrubbed clean. When you notice mud or dirt caked to your siding, give Petersburg Power Washing, Inc. a call for a complete exterior siding service. Our team uses eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for your landscape and attack even the deepest stains on your siding. When you notice dirt buildup on your home in Springfield, IL, call our professionals for a deep power washing service.

A before image of a duplex home covered in algae and dirt. A house in Springfield, IL, that requires a power washing service from professionals.

How Petersburg Power Washing Can Help Your Siding

Petersburg Power Washing, Inc. has been one of the leading contractors for exterior cleaning in Springfield, IL for over a decade. With years of experience power washing vinyl siding, you can count on us to identify and remove any stains, including bacteria and fungi, with our high-quality power washing services. We recommend yearly maintenance for all homes with vinyl siding to ensure the longevity and color of your surface. Reach out to our experts at 217.415.9013 to schedule mold, mildew, or dirty removal on your siding.

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