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Certified Vehicle Power Washing & Detailing Services in Springfield, Illinois

There’s no doubt that having a clean and detailed vehicle is the goal of an individual, however, it’s much more difficult than it may seem. Whether you’re in a personal or commercial vehicle, driving any lengthy distance is bound to result in dirt and grime covering your vehicle and sometimes, a traditional car wash just won’t cut it. When your vehicles need a more serious wash, call Petersburg Power Washing in Springfield, IL. We offer a variety of commercial cleaning, waxing, and detailing services to keep your commercial semi-trucks, boats, and personal vehicles free of any harmful bacteria and dirt buildup. Our power washing services not only remove surface imperfections but thoroughly scrub away years of stains, salt, road debris, and more. Contact us today and request a free estimate on your next vehicle power washing service in the Central IL area. Our team is always here and willing to help!

Commercial Vehicle Power Washing & Detailing

Whether you own large commercial vehicles or many personalized cars for your business in the Springfield, IL area, our experts at Petersburg Power Washing are here to provide power washing and detailing services on your vehicles. Not only will we pay extra attention to the body of the vehicle, but we will even inspect and de-grease any internal parts of your vehicle that could cause performance issues in the future. We know that changing weather conditions can create a mess for the exterior of your commercial vehicle. Don’t drive around with mud and grime stuck to your truck, boat, or four-door car, call the professionals at Petersburg Power Washing and we guarantee that your call will return looking brand new!

commercial vehicle power washing and detailing services springfield illinois
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Boat Cleaning & Detailing

Whether you own a boat for personal entertainment or business, there is no stopping your boat’s fiberglass exterior from getting dirty due to algae and continuous use. If your boat’s exterior has seen better days, give our experts at Petersburg Power Washing a call and request a professional power washing service to remove any harmful bacteria and long-lasting stains safely and efficiently. We have over a decade of experience in the power washing industry and restoring commercial vehicles. Our boat cleaning and detailing services include power washing, waxing, rust removal, stain removal, window cleaning, mold removal, and even interior cleaning depending on the need of the customer. If you own a boat in Springfield, IL, and are looking to have it professionally cleaned, call our experts today!

Semi Cleaning & Detailing

Do you own a commercial transportation business? Are you a freelance truck driver with your own semi? At Petersburg Power Washing, we offer semi-truck cleaning and detailing services to keep your vehicle looking its best while on the road. For many businesses, your semi is a constant form of marketing that your drivers display through every town and city on their delivery routes. Don’t let weeks of dirt and debris build up on your semi, invest in a power washing and cleaning service from our experts in Springfield, IL, and the surrounding areas. Our power washing technology removes everything from rust and grease to dirt and air pollutants. If your semi-truck is in desperate need of a cleaning service, give us a call and receive a free estimate.

semi truck cleaning and power washing services springfield illinois

The Benefits of Power Washing Your Commercial Vehicles

You may be thinking, why spend the money on professional power washing services when I can clean my vehicle myself? While it may seem easier to quickly wipe down your semi-truck or boat, there is a much more in-depth process that needs to take place to keep your commercial vehicle clean and properly sanitized. Our expert power washing technicians are specially trained in removing everything from dirt and grime to rust stains and sanitation with our professional-grade equipment and years of experience.

Don’t let your commercial vehicles become covered in dirt and grime, invest in a commercial power washing service from Petersburg Power Washing in Springfield, IL. Our services offer a variety of benefits for your commercial vehicle including bug, grease, oil, and stain removal, spot removal on mirrors, windows, and paint, as well as quality cleaning solutions that do not damage your vehicle or the environment. Give us a call today and ask about our free estimates with every service!