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A professional air duct cleaning technician in a black suit, black mask, and gloves, cleaning the inside of an air duct system in Springfield, IL

The Top 5 Things Lurking in Your Air Ducts

Have you ever wondered what lies in the depths of your air duct system? While you may think dust bunnies are the worst of it, you’d be surprised to find what else may be lurking in your vents. Thankfully, our professionals at Petersburg Power Washing, Inc. in Springfield, IL have been the leading choice for air duct cleaning since 2007 and are here to help. Keep reading below to learn more about what could be causing issues with your ventilation system and what our team can do to help.

Dust (And Lots of It)

Dust comes from a variety of sources – everything from the dirt on your shoes to the lint on your clothes turns into dust and eventually finds its way into your air duct system. While the filters in your air conditioning unit and furnace catch thousands of particles and prevent them from entering your home, dust is something that always finds its way through and can clog your air ducts over time. When dust is left to buildup, the air in your home will begin to feel unclean and even cause upper respiratory issues if not taken care of right away. Call our experts today to remove dust buildup from your air duct systems to restore the air filtration in your Springfield, IL home.

A digital image of reddish-pink bacteria and viruses that could be lurking in your air ducts in Springfield, IL

Bacteria & Viruses

It’s no surprise that bacteria and viruses of all types can thrive in pretty much any environment, however, it can be much more harmful when bacteria is present in your air duct system. Since you cannot see deep within your vents, it’s impossible to regularly sanitize and disinfect your air ducts. Thankfully, our experts at Petersburg Power Washing, Inc. have decades of experience in bacteria removal and hospital-grade cleaning to remove any harmful bacteria from entering the airways of your home. Don’t wait until you experience physical effects from bacteria-invested vents, call our team to schedule a cleaning service today.


One of the last things you want lurking in your air duct system is mold. Mold forms in environments where moisture and heat are present and left untouched for an extended time. This moisture can be caused by a variety of issues including duct leaks, low A/C temperatures, or even having an oversized air conditioning unit. One of the easiest ways you can tell if you have mold in your air ducts is a musty odor protruding throughout your home or experiencing allergy-like symptoms. If you suspect that your air ducts are infested with mold, don’t hesitate to call our experts at Petersburg Power Washing, Inc. in Springfield, IL for air duct cleaning and maintenance services.

A woman in a light purple shirt blowing her nose at home due to pet dander and allergens in her air duct system in Springfield, IL

Pet Dander & Allergens

Just like humans, your pets shed hair and small flakes of skin regularly, and while you may spend hours sweeping and mopping your home’s floors to get rid of this dander, some will eventually make their way into your air duct system. After months of continuous buildup, it’s no surprise that our experts have found plenty of cases of furballs clogging entire ventilation systems. Excess buildup of pet dander can weaken your immune system and even make you experience horrible allergies if left long enough. Avoid pet dander buildup by calling our professionals for quality and reliable air duct cleaning at your home in Springfield, IL.


In extreme cases, pests like mice, cockroaches, spiders, and even snakes, on rare occasions, can find their way into your ventilation system from the interior and exterior of your home. This can happen due to unsealed gaps in your vents or lack of maintenance on older HVAC systems, however, pests are hard to spot until it’s too late. Thankfully, proper removal of pest infestations is simple to correct when it comes to our professionals at Petersburg Power Washing, Inc. With several years of experience cleaning air duct systems, identifying pest presence, and offering several solutions to Springfield, IL homeowners, you can trust that our team will restore your ventilation system in no time.

Contact Our Air Duct Cleaning Experts in Springfield, Illinois

If you can’t remember the last time you’ve had your air ducts cleaned or can’t stop sneezing and experiencing allergies in your home, it’s time to call our experts in Springfield, IL. Our air duct cleaning services not only eliminate everything from dust to bacteria in your vents, but they will leave your home feeling clean and increase the efficiency of your HVAC systems. Schedule an air duct cleaning service when you call (217) 415-9013 and don’t forget to ask about our free estimates! Keep you, your family, and your pets comfortable with air duct maintenance from our team at Petersburg Power Washing, Inc.

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