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A power washing professional in a red shirt using a power washing device to clean the white siding of a home in Springfield, IL.

Is Power Washing Your House Worth It?

Keeping a clean home exterior is of obvious importance to homeowners in the Springfield, IL area. With weather patterns of all kinds, your brick or siding home can withstand just about anything until dirt and grime are left to build up for months or even years. The only way to ensure your home’s exterior stays in pristine condition is to hire a professional power washing company like Petersburg Power Washing, Inc. to clean and provide exterior maintenance. With years of experience in the industry, you can count on our team to show you just why power washing your house is worth every penny. Keep reading below to learn more about the long-term benefits.

Power Washing Prevents Damage

While it can take months or even years of bacteria and grime build-up to cause damage to your home’s brick or siding exterior, it happens more often than you may think. At Petersburg Power Washing, we have seen serious damage caused to home exteriors due to failed maintenance and yearly cleaning services. Our Springfield, IL technicians are here to inform property owners in central IL that power washing is one of the easiest ways to prevent damage caused by black mold or pests if left for an extended time. Before your brick or siding requires professional repair, give your house a proper cleaning with our power washing services.

Maintenance Saves You Money on Repairs

A close-up image of white cracked siding on a residential home due to lack of power washing maintenance for this property in Springfield, IL.

Power washing is considered a routine maintenance service when it comes to the care needed to keep your property in good condition. When it comes to residential power washing services, Petersburg Power Washing, Inc. is the leading expert in Springfield, IL. Our technicians handle everything from vinyl and brick power washing to algae removal on all of your exterior surfaces. Our maintenance services have been known to provide more than just stunning results but future repair prevention. Don’t let your home’s exterior deteriorate, invest in our power washing services.

Protects the Health of You & Your Family

While you may not be touching the exterior of your house often, when you do, your skin is immediately exposed to mildew, algae, bacteria, and pollen. The last thing anyone wants in the spring and summer months is to get sick due to harmful bacteria exposure, that’s why we offer expert power washing services. At Petersburg Power Washing, Inc., we aim to protect the health and safety of your family by cleaning the exterior of your home that may be covered in built-up grime. With our commercial power washing technology and soap-fighting solutions to clean your brick or siding, our power washing services are the perfect solution to bacteria removal that will show proven results for months on end.

Gives You Instant Curb Appeal

A professional power washing expert in Springfield, IL using a commercial power washing tool to clean the white brick on a house.

Curb appeal is something that all homeowners want when buying their perfect home. Over time, and without constant maintenance, the exterior image of your house could begin to suffer due to dirty brick or siding. Thankfully, our team at Petersburg Power Washing, Inc. in Springfield, IL offers reliable power washing services to residential properties to restore the curb appeal of your home. With our commercial power washing technology and cleaning solutions, we’ll make sure your home looks even better than the day you bought it.

Increases the Value of Your Property

If you own a home in the Springfield, IL area and are looking to put it up on the market, one of the easiest ways to increase the value of your house is to invest in power washing services. Potential homeowners are going to pass on your property if they notice mold growing around the foundation or dirt covering your siding. Make one last attempt to get your home for the value it deserves by calling Petersburg Power Washing, Inc. Our technicians will quickly and efficiently power wash every inch of your home’s exterior to wow any individuals looking to buy your home. Schedule a power washing service today when you call (217) 415-9013 and we’ll give you a free estimate before our technicians arrive.

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