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Experienced Residential & Commercial Power Washing Technicians in Springfield, Illinois

At Petersburg Power Washing, Inc. we have over 14 years of experience providing expert exterior home and business power washing services. Our team provides quality seasonal power washing services for both residential and commercial clients in the Springfield, IL area. Whether the siding of your home is covered in dirt and grime from years of neglect, or your business’s parking lot could use a good scrub, Petersburg Power Washing, Inc. is here to help restore your soft and hard surfaces every step of the way.

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, professional power washing and cleaning services to our local customers in the Springfield, IL area. That’s why we own top-of-the-line equipment, offer extensive on-the-job training, and specialize in friendly customer service to create lasting relationships with our clients. You can trust our technicians to always get the job done right and on time. Call our shop today for more information on our power washing services for your home or business in central Illinois!

Our Story

The origin of Petersburg Power Washing Inc is one of a diamond in the rough so to speak. Originally myself, Donna, and my husband Rick had found ourselves in a place in our life that seemed as though we were at a glass ceiling we could not breakthrough. Neither one of us had any sort of fancy degrees and we were both good employees working in jobs that really had no chance of advancement.

In January of 2007, we sat at our kitchen table with a piece of paper and tried to think of what skills we had that we could use to possibly make some extra “side” money. We desperately wanted to improve our living conditions and our biggest desire was to improve the lives of our children. We were barely getting by paycheck to paycheck, and we had no savings or even very decent credit to invest in anything at the time. Rick had years and years of experience with shot blasting and coating removal and the application of coatings. He had been through the Painters Union apprenticeship program in Kansas City, so he felt that was knowledge that could be drawn from. I had worked in the secretarial field my entire adult life.

I had encountered just about everything and anything you could imagine having to do with office management. Our original idea was to put our skills together and work nights and weekends to earn a little extra money to start a savings account and get an emergency fund together. When we thought about what services may be needed in our area, we knew there would be a lot of competition in painting. But we also knew that power washing companies were almost unheard of. We decided we would advertise both painting and power washing with the hope that we could offer a service that was not currently available.

We went to Lowe’s the very next day and purchased a consumer-grade, cold water, portable power washer on a credit card. When I say we started our company from nothing, I mean literally nothing. Over time, we converted our 20×20 garage into a workspace and a place to store various tools and equipment as we purchased additional items. I remember the days of lifting that power washer in and out of a very well-used pick-up truck bed daily and wishing we could have fancy equipment like the “real” companies.

Every fall, we would lug every single piece of equipment we had to store in our finished basement until “next season”. That first year, we worked 110 hours a week. We would work our regular jobs and then come home to work for our little side company. We made a list of customers on a piece of paper at the end of that first year and we knew everyone by name. We also knew just how much we had made from each job. We made $18,000.00 that first year in business and I remember thinking, “Man we had to work really hard for this little bit of money.” But we just stayed the path. The path was met with many struggles and challenges along the way. We have always said that we were just “too stupid to quit.”

In May of 2009, we finally landed our first large job. We hired our first employee, and we incorporated that year. Rick quit his regular job and dove into our company full-time. It would be six years later before I would do the same thing. But we’ve both been full-time in our company now since 2015.

The thing still most important to us today is integrity and quality. We have always said that we never want to be so big that those two factors are compromised. Fast forward to today, what started in a garage as a husband-and-wife team back in January of 2007, today, consists of a 7200 square foot commercial building and 11 intelligent, diverse, and creative individuals who come together each day to produce beautiful, result-driven, quality work. We are still a husband-and-wife team. We do life together. We fail together. And, we succeed together.

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We pride ourselves on offering quality power washing services for our customers in the Springfield, IL area. Whether you own a residential or commercial property, our experienced and certified power washing experts are here to turn your property’s weathered exterior into a pristine surface that looks brand new! At Petersburg Power Washing, we offer the following power washing, cleaning, and detailing services: